Service Plan

The Original Service Plan, approved September 9, 2002, constitutes a Service Plan for a special district proposed to be organized to serve the needs of a new, predominantly retail and commercial community. The Amended and Restated Service Plan, adopted July 6, 2004, replaces and supersedes the Original Service Plan and authorizes the District to provide for the planning, design, acquisition, construction, installation, relocation and redevelopment of the Public Improvements from the proceeds of Debt to be issued by the District. The First Amendment to the Service Plan, adopted July 16, 2007, is intended to be read in conjunction with the Original Service Plan and defines the debt incurred by the District to include all bonds, notes, contracts or other financial obligations, whether of a multiple fiscal year or annually appropriated and payable from ad valorem taxes for the purpose of financing, acquiring, constructing or improving any of the improvements contemplated therein.